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Justin @ Pennsic

More woodworking fun

Well, today I put my hand plane to work, and after some mistakes here and there, finally got the wood for new soundboard all planed down and nice looking.  Took 1/4" of spruce down to 1/8".  I really need to get some scrapers though, for some of the finish type work of smoothing the wood down.  The razor blade I ended up using started to get really hot - not to mention causing fingers to cramp up a bit.

Not a lot of fun, especially in the heat.  And this was just spruce!  What's it going to be like when I have to do something like mahagony.  You know, like when I make the neck for this guitar :)


The Stanley #80 scraper will save your fingers a bit. Regular scrapers get hot too.
Wait - I have one of those! I thought of using it briefly, bur for some reason thought that it would not be appropriate. I'll try it on the next soundboard I make. WHich will probably be later this week, since I have two more pieces of spruce I was thinking of getting ready...

Still need to find something better to cut the excess wood off of the front and back though. Jigsaw way too violent (tendency to break the wood), and while coping saw is recommended in some of what I have read, seems to have a little of the same problem.

Ahem, and I "slipped" off the wood a couple of times and hit my left thumb and index finger. But hey, it's not a good project unless you add some blood, seat and tears - right? Right?

I take that back - I have a spokeshave. Look kind of similar ;)
Justin @ Pennsic

September 2009

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